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  • Solo Build
  • Solo Build
  • Solo Build
  • Solo Build
  • Solo Build

The self build tailors the terrarium experience specifically to you. With a self build, you’re able to schedule a one-on-one terrarium workshop on your own time. Find your desired build date and choose your start time from the drop-down menu. Keep in mind that builds are about an hour long. 

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We offer discounts when you bring in your own glassware...we will refund you the difference at the time of the build.

Use all our materials to build, prices are based on the amount of product (soil, plants, substrates at the terrarium bar) you use which are fixed below.

Small 3-5 inch in diameter are 20%off of our usual build at $45 

Medium 6-9in in diameter are 30% off our usual build at $55-65

Large 10-12 in diameter 30% off our usual build at $75 and up 

Xtra Large 13-20 in diameter 30% off our usual build at $125 and up


**(Note: please add a shipping address at check out...nothing will be shipped, but is mandatory to complete the order) thank you!

*No Refunds. $15 Rescheduling fee per person

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