Hard to Find Watermelon Peperomia Plant

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  • Hard to Find Watermelon Peperomia Plant
  • Hard to Find Watermelon Peperomia Plant
  • Hard to Find Watermelon Peperomia Plant
  • Hard to Find Watermelon Peperomia Plant
  • Hard to Find Watermelon Peperomia Plant
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***** PLANT INFO *****

A native to South America the Peperomia argyreia is a small plant grown for its attractive leaves. They grow up to 12 inches tall and the mini watermelon peperomia only grows up to 6 inches. Because of their small bushy rosette appearance they're best suited when grown outdoors as a ground cover or grouped together with other plants indoors.

***** WHAT IS INCLUDED *****

Well rooted plant growing and shipped in a 4" pot! This plant is shipped in its pot to prevent any damage on the roots.

What is included:
- One (1) Nursery Pot w/ Organic medium (soil)
- One (1) live Watermelon Peperomia Plant

***** SHIPPING *****

Images above show an example of what the plant look like. As with everything in nature, each house plant will be different from one another. Please assume variance across plants.

IMPORTANT: Please check your local weather forecast before buying. Purchasing during adverse cold and hot weather could delay leaf propagation or result in the arrival of dead / limp plants. If you decide to ignore the circumstances, please do this at your own risk!

As soon as you receive your package, please take the plants out of the box give it some water if the soil is dry. It’s normal for plants to look limp and dry as they are stressed during the transit. Plants don’t normally travel on cars or airplanes and they are deprived of light and water while they are in transit. It may take one to two weeks for the plants to acclimate to your environment. I always carefully package your plants in order for them to arrive safely. If for some reason there is an issue with your order, please send me a message and I am happy to try and solve it for you.

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