Tillandsia Terrarium Kit
Tillandsia Terrarium Kit
Tillandsia Terrarium Kit
Tillandsia Terrarium Kit
Tillandsia Terrarium Kit


Tillandsia Terrarium Kit

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Terrarium measures approx. 6.5 inches tall x 4 inches wide

This terrarium will be sent as a kit, with detailed planting and care instructions.

Kit includes:

-1 healthy air plant (tillandsia)
-white sand
-2 dried craspedia (billy buttons)
-preserved lichen (moss)
-orange terrarium pebbles
-1 dried lotus pod
-teardrop terrarium container
-slab driftwood base

Please note: Natural elements, including plants, will vary slightly.

This Tillandsia (air plant) terrarium makes a wonderful gift, and is very easy - and fun - to set up and care for! The teardrop shaped glass container makes a wonderful home for the little world that YOU create for your new air plants. It can be hung, or displayed on a table using the included driftwood slab base. This kit comes with everything you see in the picture. Use the elements any way you like to create a customizable landscape, then add your plant and enjoy a little touch of life wherever you need it. The best part about it is you can change the setting any time you like...no soil and no mess required :) The plant chosen for this design will continue to grow, but will remain compact for a long time.

Tillandsia are a very diverse species of plant in the bromeliad family. they require no roots or soil to grow, absorbing all of their nutrients through their foliage instead. They require bright, filtered light and watering about once/week. They will eventually bloom, then have offspring known as "pups". when mature, the pups can replace the plants in this terrarium (should they grow too large), so in a sense, your plants will never outgrow the vessel!

**IMPORTANT** - Tillandsia are cold sensitive, so some precautions must be taken when shipping in winter months. If you live in an area where the night time low is 25 or above, I can ship to you as normal. If the low is dropping below 25, please contact me before purchasing. All plants will be sent via USPS priority mail for rapid delivery.

Sorry, we can only ship live plants within the United States.