Frog & Fern (two week lead time)

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  • Frog & Fern (two week lead time)
  • Frog & Fern (two week lead time)
  • Frog & Fern (two week lead time)

This lovely orchid terrarium is enclosed with a collection of fine ferns, pink and white accents of nerve plant and fine begonias.

Self-waters from 3-6months. Lives up to 2+ years. Pruning may be neccessary and misting is the most efficient way to water. Find accessories, like our prized Brass Misters, imported from England, here.

Due to the heat in Texas, it is difficult to locate maidenhairs. Fern selection is based on availability and the varietal of ferns will vary depending on the season.

Measurements: 7"diameter, 14"height

 Design is packaged and carefully delivered with care instructions included. Add a note to your recipient in notes at checkout.


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