Sam Wish PMS botanical oil

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Let this blend help to balance your hormones, calm and relieve anxiety, uplift you when you’re feeling sluggish, and help to restore peace and harmony to an otherwise chaotic time in your cycle. 

I created this blend, not only for the physical aspects of p.m.s such as hormonal imbalances, body aches, cramping, fatigue, or insomnia, but also for the mental and emotional side effects as well. Coincidentally (but not entirely surprisingly) the oils that help with the physical, are also the oils that aid with the mental and emotional. So while you are getting help with your inability to sleep or any bodily discomfort you encounter, you are also helping to heal your anxiety, emotional disturbances, or disorientation and lack of clarity one may experience during this time. This blend takes a very holistic approach and heals from all angles to give you a little extra help through your cycle. I know it has helped me tremendously to keep balanced, keep my head clear and focused, and my heart emotionally stable so that I may solve any issues that pop up unexpectedly (or not so) during this onerous period in my cycle.

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