Terrarium Baret House

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  • Terrarium Baret House
  • Terrarium Baret House
  • Terrarium Baret House
This medium sized terrarium gives you the space you need for multiple succulents or plants while not taking up to much counter space. A beautiful example of the modern wardian case with a nod to the Art Deco inspired glass work. Simply planted with mosses or just pile in those air plants for a great way to display your indoor garden. This terrarium will look great on a side or coffee table or on your bookshelf to bring a little green inside. We like to make miniature worlds that give great joy to look at and allow our customers to use all of their great planting creativity. We also have a planting guide on our website to give easy step by step instructions. The Baret house features a hipped roof, and a repeating horizontal straight line design, reminiscent of the longitudinal coordinates Baret a Victorian explorer used to cross the world.

10" L x 7" W x 17" H

All terrariums include a fitted plastic liner.

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