Whole Foods Market Earth Bash 2014

We had fun at Whole Foods Market Lamar 's Earth Bash. Thank you to all who stopped by. 
We accompanied by  Agua Dulce Farms and Back to the Roots Home Aquaponics Kit


We met Jack Wait of Aqua Dulce, the main farmer at his organic vegetable/fresh fish aqua farm in South Austin. 
If you've eaten at Lenoir, Qui, Kome or Uchiko in awhile, you've probably already had a taste. 
To get a taste at home, look for the Back to the Roots Aquaponics kit for your own kitchen, found at Whole Foods!
Also, I heard his vegetal is in the works of being available at Whole Foods too, so look forward to that (It really takes awhile).
Jack gave me a sample of the aguaponically grown Kale and it definately wasn't as bitter as other kales I've eaten before. Jack says this is from the filtered sun-light in their farm. Apparently, the bitterness in other kale, is curated by full sun. 
See those little terrarium plants? Find them at The Great Outdoors to DIY Terrarium!
 Look forward to "build your own terrarium" classes soon! 
The sun didn't come out, which was great filtered sun for these enclosed designs I brought for demonstration.
Otherwise, I would've had to pull all these designs to avoid them cooking!
Take if from me, If you're interested  in making Sun-Soup, just put your veggies, water and spices in a jar and set it in the sun!! :)

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