A Team-Building Friday with Idean

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard
A warm Friday afternoon quickly became a full-out-funfunfun-fest of terrarium-building for a group based out of Finland...a wonder they appreciate a little green for their employees. 
This group of designers quickly overcame the obstacles of building their own and really just got the most out of their Friday afternoon treat. 
Our favorite pose was one of a "Power Ranger" force. You can tell this team works as hard as they play.
 It's so great to experience teams building on creations together, working collaboratively in a relaxed environment on a hands-on project. From my point of view, it's clear that integrity, as a team, grows stronger in just an hour.
"...teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed." --Russel Honore
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