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Glassware: Lead Head Glass Terrariums

Glassware: Lead Head Glass Terrariums

Glassware: Lead Head Glass Terrariums

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We gratefully found Chad & Derek and their Lead Head Glassware through Instagram and have been creating in their creations, in the shop, the last two years. The history of terrariums dates back to the 1880s with Wardian cases. These cases were originally used to transport exotic plants around the world. LHG modeled their glassware after these cases. Lead Head makes their products out of reclaimed glass and wood from deconstructed homes in Detroit. There's an unfurling level of magic and history to their wonderful product. They only use responsibly sourced materials and each terrarium is made to order, by hand.

Another key note to mention, glass bottles are recyclable, but window panes, not so much.

This upcycling is just the thing we'd ever hope for in a product.

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We were lucky enough to sit down with the founders of Lead Head Glass, Chad and Derek to discuss their work.

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Slavonk & Hortus: How did you get involved with your craft?

Lead Head Glass: “We were always involved with design in our previous careers. However it was a hobby that we played with on occasion. Chad studied design and I continued to work on technique.“

S&L: Where did the idea to take materials from deconstructed homes come from?

LHG: “Using deconstructed material is increasingly important. The glass we use cannot be recycled so it always ends up in a landfill. We made a commitment early to this process. From day one we sought out to create a company that we would want to work at both physically and mentally. If there is a choice of materials, using beautiful reclaimed wood and glass as opposed to machine manufactured new material wasn't a hard decision.“

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S&L: How would you describe your partnerships with other stores?

LHG:  “We love our stores. Absolutely we feel a connection to 100% of the people we partner with. We do sell online but customers always find a savings in our stores.

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"Under the same philosophy as using special materials we choose to work with special people. People who you can hear smiles from and true interest over the phone. We adore and are very protective of our "homes"."

To learn more about Chad and Derek and what they do you can visit their site,

Find your own piece of Detroit magic at our new shop at 1200 E 11th #105. A one-of-a-kind design remains an option on our shelves that Chad and Derek have custom designed, named "The Austin". It's especially made for our store yall!

It's been so much fun working with these two amazing artists, their adoration for their product shines so much, we can't help but adore them.  Look for the 'The Austin' (pictured above) at our shop. Build your own or pick up premade, we also offer this design as one of our delivery options.



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