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Snake Plant In Rattan Basket

Snake Plant in Rattan Basket

$ 112.00
Fiddle Leaf Fig In Brea Planter

Fiddle Leaf Fig in Brea Planter

$ 84.00
10.5 Fiddle Leaf Fig In 15 Matte Planter

10.5’ Fiddle Leaf Fig in 15” Matte Planter

$ 846.00
Rubber Tree Plant In Blu Stand

Rubber Tree Plant in Blu Plant Stand

$ 198.00
Monstera In Terra-Cotta Planter

Monstera in Terra-cotta Planter

$ 124.00
Black Zz In Geo Moss Planter Houseplant

Black Zz in Geo Moss Planter

$ 112.00

Black Zz Plant in Sky Planter

$ 248.00

Anthurium Crystalinum in Local Terracotta

$ 298.00

Pothos (varietal) w/ Rattan Hanger

From $ 98.00

Rubber Tree Burgundy in Peach Plant Stand

$ 192.00

Neon Pothos in Mint Plant Stand

$ 74.00
Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kit

From $ 55.00
Ficus Tenieke In Matte Planter Houseplant

Ficus Tenieke in Matte Planter

$ 168.00

Begonia Sp. Duo in Terracotta

$ 98.00