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Terrarium Workshop & Cocktails with Love Ding

In the tail end of May, a group of Austin's culture-creatives joined us in an evening of cocktails and terrarium-building in South Austin's most prized home-interior store, Love Ding.   Everyone had their own idea of environment, some gleaming with gold, others like Melissa of Shoe Strings creating an inclined structure for her regal mountain-goat.  The evening brought beautiful creatives of Austin together,  including representatives of Austin Woman, Austin Way Magazine and Tribeza. Many bloggers documented their first terrarium-building experience including Jesse Coutre, Kirsten Stoddard, Jennifer Perkins, Dtk Austin and many more. Find more stories of the Love Ding-Slavonk & Hortus Collab, on Instagram, search #loveding, #slavonkandhortus and #atxterrarium.   photo credit: Triple Max Tons  

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